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The Parable of the Musicians Coming to terms with our nature as biological beings is a lot like a playing an instrument

Survival of the Fittest, in First Person An evolutionary perspective on weathering a pandemic while losing a grandmother.

Pestilence Prevails The impact of infectious disease throughout history and today

Purple President Polarized A simple model of balancing selection, equally valid for simulating sexual dimorphism and partisan politics.

Pellets and Pipeworks Why humans have a special relationship with one particular other life form

Gender, Genetics, and Generalizations The relationship between sex chromosomes and gender

Green Red Herring on Your Plate Genetically modified food and dietary choices

The Origin Story of Species Viewing human evolution like a superhero narrative

Gene Buddies How genomic neighbors can help each other retain advantageous genetic variation

Failing Bolívar My worm’s-eye view of the rise of Hugo Chávez and the current Venezuelan crisis

Annual Check-Up Looking back after one year of this blog

The Age of Observation Revising the calendar to reflect the values of science

140,000 Words How teaching biology with emojis exemplifies effective science communication

Invaders and Recluses A different way to think about coevolution

Seeing Russia from my House What life in a Native Alaskan village taught me about world peace

A Biosphere of One How much biodiversity can fit into a single organism?

Race Ed Does DNA cause racial differences in test scores?

The Koala Conspiracy Should science outreach focus on facts or beliefs?

A Letter to Speaker Paul Ryan An appeal from a liberal to a conservative

Race, Genetics, and Taboo Are academics wrongly ignoring racial differences?

This Land is Your Land What on Earth happened in the 2016 election?

Evolution for Breakfast What your food can tell you about the history of life

The Red Queen and the Purple President Why a two-party political system is like a species with two sexes

The Ecology of Research Faculty What it means to be an assistant professor (senior research), and why it’s so awesome

Fixing Bioethics If we can’t resolve abortion, how can we address other issues biotech will bring?

Seeing Ducks Not every observation in biology is as meaningful as we may think

The Cristiani Effect How a classic scam illustrates the origin and fate of our species

Comfy Kludges The evolutionary role of balancing selection beyond the clichéd hemoglobin example

Blue Sophomore Monkeys My experiences with synesthesia and metaphor

Religion for Scientists Why belonging to a Unitarian Universalist community was helpful for me in grad school and beyond

The Latent Fruits of the Americas Why are the fruits we eat “as fruits” from the Old World, and the fruits we eat “as vegetables” from the New World?

Analogy-nomics Exploring metaphors for DNA

Practicing Stomach Why we should be better at controlling our disgust

Blood Fluke Trolley Schistosomes are deadly. Should we eliminate them?

The Absent Transceiver Where are all the hermaphrodites?

The Armadillo Gauge Pseudoscientific racism and stabilizing selection on intelligence

Permutations and Ur-Mutations How likely is the origin of life?

Not the End of the World Reasons for hope in the face of global crises